Book Trailer: Say Something

Say Something is my latest novel, published in January 2017. I love writing about relationships. Any kind of relationship. Friends, lovers, parents, siblings, children. People are so complex. When I sit down and write, I look at the world from a whole new perspective and learn something about myself during the journey. This novel is about wanting someone you can't have and letting that desire get in the way of fully living your life. How can any love live up to the great love that never was? For over a decade, fantasy overrides reality for Della. She falls in love with her best friend Jake and stands by him despite the pain it causes her. Loving Jake is an exquisite form of torture, but walking away is unthinkable. When Jake's marriage to Melanie suddenly ends, it seems Della's dreams are about to come true. But can the reality of loving Jake live up to the fantasy she's created in her mind? Be careful what you wish for...

Book Trailer: What if I Fly?

What if I Fly? is my first novel, published in June 2015. In this coming of age story, Will and Julia were raised in the same small Rhode Island town, but in different social circles. Despite the deep love they feel for one another, they allow the past and others' expectations to dictate their lives, creating obstacles to their own happiness. Only by letting go of hurt and expectation will they be able to move forward and truly live, whether together…or apart.  I tried to capture the feeling of the novel in this trailer, not necessarily the physical traits of my characters. It's my first attempt, so bear with me!

Book Trailer: As it Seems

As it Seems was released in February 2016. My second novel is deeply personal to me. While a work of fiction, it addresses subjects I am all too well acquainted with; depression, adultery and insecurity. This is the story of two very different marriages. Truman and Caroline have been together since college and have grown apart; staying together for the sake of their two daughters. Their neighbors, Libby and Ted, have been happily married for over twelve years and live a picture perfect life; two beautiful kids, a successful business, a gorgeous home in the suburbs, money, friends, and most importantly, one another. After all these years, they are passionately in love, two of the lucky few - or so Libby believes - until one snowy evening, the unthinkable happens. And she learns... nothing is as it seems.